Specificity Counts When Searching In The Health Field

The health and medical field is a multi billion dollar industry in this country. It is no wonder that there is a plethora of information as well as misinformation available on the Internet. If you perform a search using a general nondescript term relating to what you’re looking for, chances are you will receive a boat load of results many of which would turn out to be a dead end for your research. You’ll receive results for geographical areas no where near you, results for paradigms and schools of thought not related to your issue as well as other websites not necessarily dealing with the premise of your search and that indirectly contain your search parameters. There need to be ways for you to narrow down what you’re looking for in order to accurately find the results you need. In most cases specificity can solve or break your query problems.

If you are looking to schedule an MRI at your local provider but aren’t sure where to start an internet search is a good place. However if you were to search “MRI” the results would be astounding. You would receive results regarding what they do, how they work, companies that make them and why you may need an MRI,etc. Instead what you should do is increase your specificity by adding Keystone words to your search parameters. For instance instead of simply searching for MRI search for an mri imaging kenai ak. This search happens to include what you’re looking for, the state you live in and you expect the provider to be as well as the town closest to where you would like to be seen. This way the results most closely related to your search will probably be more relevant to you and what you’re looking for. Another technique that can be used to increase specificity and turn up results which are more related to your search is to use contextual symbols in your parameters. You can use a + or a – in your search parameters. These kinds of symbols can introduce combination searches as well as remove readily available results not related to your desired search. Conversely another example of a problem that might ensue while searching for health or medical related information is that your search parameters are too specific. In cases such as these there can be too many searchable parameters and the results you find are staggered and all over the place. If you find that the results you’re getting are related to the individual words of your parameters however the prime results aren’t directly related to what you’re looking for you can simply remove the words which seem to turn up too many non related results.

Searching for information is difficult enough. When you add in to the mix the complexity of the health field it can be completely daunting. Do yourself a favor and put a conscious thoughtful effort into the parameters with which you search. This effort will save you time again and again. I hope the information in this article helps. Thank you for reading!